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Solar wind parameters were again near background conditions for most of
the period. Following a relatively unstable beginning due to a possible
weak transient arrival yesterday, solar wind speeds leveled off to a
fairly steady 340 km/s. Temperature and density have remained stable for
throughout the period with the Phi angle maintaining a fairly constant
positive (Away) orientation. IMF Bt reached 12 nT at 29/1225 UTC, but
slowly decreased to a minimum of 4 nT near the end of the UT day.
Following the apparent arrival of another weak transient near the end of
the period, the total field had returned to near the 10 nT level. The
maximum southward component of IMF Bz reached -9 nT at the beginning of
the period and again near the end. The IMF remains enhanced.

Phentermine Where To Buy 2014, Phentermine Sale Online