Solar wind summary

Even with multiple transients making their way towards the Earth, solar
wind parameters remained near background conditions for most of the
period. Conditions did indicate a possible weak transient arrived at
Earth within the last few hours. Solar wind speed, as measured by the
ACE spacecraft, remained below 300 km/s through the end of the UT day.
Just after the new day, speeds increased to slightly above the 320 km/s
mark. At approximately 28/0722 UTC, wind speeds became erratic,
bouncing between 240 km/s to 340 km/s. At approximately 0937 UTC, wind
speeds quickly increased to nearly 360 km/s, total IMF reached nearly 11
nT at 28/0940 UTC, and IMF Bz reach a maximum southward component of -8
nT. Phi remained in a negative (toward) orientation for most of the
period. This is likely a response to one or more of the expected
transients that have been forecast for the past few days reaching the

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