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Solar wind parameters, measured at ACE, were indicative of a nominal
solar wind environment for the latter half of the UT day, indicating the
return to background levels. This comes following the increased CME
activity that observed solar winds peak during the period at 481 km/s
and IMF Bt reach a maximum of 12 nT. IMF Bz reached a maximum southward
deviation of -8 nT, and the phi angle turn slightly positive (away) for
a brief period. As the CME effects waned, solar wind speed ended the
period steady in the 360 km/s – 390 km/s range, total field strength was
steady near 5 nT and the Bz component ranged from +2 nT to -4 nT. Phi
data suggested continued negative (towards) sector orientation
throughout the remainder of the period.

Buy Phentermine 37.5 K25, Ordering Phentermine Online Illegal