New CME forecast for direct hit! (old news, ignore it)

Well it’s up and down at the moment!

There was another X1 solar flare this morning (10th), but we have basically stopped reporting on what-if’s now, we will just report on strong data coming out of Nasa or Noaa. Well, there is good news, this X flare, although impulsive, released a CME and it is pretty much coming straight at us. It is a pretty small plasma cloud, so the show will probably only last a day at most, so it’s whatever continent gets this first will probably have the best show. It is forecast to arrive late 12th (UTC) but could be a bit earlier or a bit later, (very rarely are they on time).


Keep an eye on the 3 day forecast as the Kp figures will soon change to reflect this activity. Clear skies folks.


This is believed to be a very weak event now. Keep an eye on the forecast page the next few days anyway in case it surprises us. But oretty much everyone thinks this is a weak event and that the Nasa model (above) got it wrong.

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