CH HSS & CME January 1st/2nd.

CH HSS & CME January 1st/2nd.


All eyes are on this coronal hole that has been rotating into an Earth facing position. We have been keeping an eye on it, and it has continued to change as we have shown in the images.

The high speed solar wind flowing out of it was last recorded at the stereo B satellite (see image) on the far side of the sun, at nearly 700 km/s, but as it has continued to change since then, so it could be better (or worse), we just won’t know until it arrives around 1 or 2 Jan. Ball park figure is kp4. There is also a CME that could also arrive the same time, which could make it more interesting and tip it into geomagnetic storm levels with both CH HSS & CME affects combined.

So, keep an eye on the aurora forecast page over the next few days.

Where are the Stereo Satellites?


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