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ACE data indicated nominal background conditions for the first half of
the period. At 19/0309 UTC, solar wind speed suddenly increased from 382
km/s to 504 km/s, IMF total field jumped from a steady 8 nT to 15 nT,
eventually increasing to 19 nT, and the Bz component of the IMF dropped
from -7 nT to -15 nT. While not as sharp, temperature and density both
saw increases as well. The sudden increase in activity is attributed to
what had originally been expected to be a glancing blow from a CME from
14 Feb.

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Solar wind parameters, as measured at the Advanced Composition Explorer
(ACE) spacecraft, indicated nominal conditions. Wind speed began the
period near 420 km/s, then became sporadic with speeds as high as 441
km/s to as low as 345 km/s. Shortly before the end of the UT day, speeds
stabilized near the 360 km/s mark until around 18/0500 UTC, when speeds
increased to as high as 441 km/s through the end of the period. IMF Bt
(total field intensity) was consistently in the 4 to 7 nT range. The Bz
component of the IMF was variable in the 5 to -3 nT range until
approximately 18/0610 UTC when Bz had a maximum deflection of nearly -6
nT. Bz remained variable between -4 nT and +7 nT through the end of the
period. IMF phi remained primarily in a negative-polarity (toward)
solar-sector orientation during most of the period, with occasional dips
into positive (away) territory.

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Solar wind speeds, measured at the ACE spacecraft, varied from a low of
near 335 km/s at 16/2300 UTC to a high of 429 km/s at 17/0238 UTC. IMF
total field was elevated near 15 nT at the start of the period and
gradually decreased to end-of-period readings of 4 nT. Bz was highly
variable through about 16/2000 UTC ranging from +14 to -10 nT. From
16/2000 UTC through the end of the period, the Bz component did not vary
much beyond +5 to -3 nT. Phi angle was predominantly positive (away)
through 16/2022 UTC when a shift to a more negative (towards)
orientation was observed through 16/2246 UTC. This was followed by a
brief shift back to a positive orientation through 17/0132 UTC when the
phi angle rotated back to negative for the remainder of the period.

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Solar wind speed, measured at the ACE spacecraft, began the period at
about 375 km/s with Bt steady at 6 nT and Bz weakly northward at 1 nT.
At 15/1234 UTC an interplanetary shock was observed, indicating the
arrival of the 11-12 Feb CMEs. Solar wind speeds increased from
approximately 375 km/s to a peak of 487 km/s before settling to near 445
km/s. Solar wind temperature and density also rose in association with
the shock passage. Bt rose sharply to 16 nT and then varied between 1 nT
to 17 nT for the remainder of the period. Bz initially went south to -7
nT but then turned northward at 15/1330 UTC and remained mostly north
through 15/2054 UTC. After 15/2054 UTC, the Bz component began deviating
southward to -14 nT through about 16/0000 UTC where it again turned
north to a maximum of 17 nT through 16/0800 UTC. Through the remainder
of the period, Bz varied between +7 to -4 nT. After 15/2000 UTC, wind
speeds slowly declined to end-of-period values near 375 km/s. Phi angle
was predominantly positive (away) through 16/0424 UTC when a shift to a
more negative (towards) orientation was observed.

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Solar wind speed, as measured at the ACE spacecraft, reflected nominal
conditions varying between approximately 330 km/s to 370 km/s. IMF total
field was steady between 5 nT and 7 nT for the majority of the period
with only a short dip to 2-3 nT from 14/1300-1400 UTC. Bz was
predominately north throughout the period with some southward incursions
to -3 nT between 15/0005-0217 UTC. The Phi angle began the period in a
negative (towards) orientation through 15/1335 UTC when a switch to
positive (away) was observed for the remainder of the period. Low energy
particles indicated a slow rise through about 15/0900 UTC when a sharper
increase in values was observed.

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Solar wind parameters, as observed at the ACE spacecraft, reflected
nominal background conditions. Solar wind speeds steadily dropped
from beginning speeds near 375 km/s to end the period near 325 km/s. IMF
Bt was steady varying between 4 to 7 nT while the Bz component remained
predominately positive at 0 to 6 nT. Phi angle was in a negative
(towards) orientation through 14/0453 UTC where a transition to a
positive (away) orientation occurred.

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Solar wind parameters, as observed at the ACE spacecraft, reflected
a return to nominal background conditions. Early in the period, there
were indications that Earth was riding near a solar sector boundary, but
parameters have since leveled off. Solar wind speeds steadily dropped
from beginning speeds near 450 km/s to end the period near 370 km/s. IMF
Bt was steady near 6 nT for most of the period. A slight increase in
speed back up to 400 km/s and an isolated bump in Bt to 9 nT was
observed just before 13/0900 UTC, likely the result of a near miss
transient. Bz began the period with brief deflections as low as -3 nT,
but remained mostly positive from 12/1600 UTC through the end of the
period. Phi angle remained in a negative (towards) orientation for the
entire period.

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Solar wind parameters, as observed at the ACE spacecraft, reflected what
appears to be the recovery from a coronal hole high speed stream (CH
HSS) transitioning to the influence of weak transient. The beginning of
the period saw solar wind speeds steadily dropping from approximately
443 km/s to a minimum of 396 km/s. At the same time, IMF total filed
strength was fairly steady between 4 nT and 6 nT, IMF Bz was positive,
and Phi angle was in a negative (towards) sector. Around 11/1800 UTC, a
solar sector boundary change (SSBC) was observed, transitioning Phi
angle to a positive (away) orientation, dropping Bz to approximately -5
nT, and a slight increase in solar wind speed, back to approximately 440
km/s. Right around 11/2300 UTC, Phi angle again switched back to a
negative (towards) orientation, IMF Bt increased to approximately 6 nT,
Bz switched back to positive, and wind speeds began a steady climb. By
12/0330 UTC, wind speeds were back above 460 km/s, Bt was a steady 5 nT,
Bz dropped back southward to -3 nT, and Phi was firmly back into a
negative (towards) orientation. This is believed to be the influence of
a weak transient passing close enough to affect the Earth’s

Phentermine Topiramate Purchase

Solar wind parameters, as observed at the ACE spacecraft, reflected the
continued influence of a negative polarity coronal hole high speed
stream (CH HSS). Solar wind speeds began the period near 450 km/s and
increased gradually to near 570 km/s just before the end of the UT day.
The peak speed observed was 617 km/s at 10/2205 UTC, but speeds then
began to taper off just after the new UT day, ending the period near
where they started at 450 km/s. Total field ranged between 2 and 7 nT,
with field strength holding steady near 5 nT for the majority of the
period. The Bz component ranged from -6 nT to +4 nT through most of the
first half of the period, becoming steady near -2 nT from approximately
10/2125 UTC to 11/0222 UTC. Following another period of sporadic
variations from +/- 4 nT, Bz remained positive after 11/0700 UTC through
the end of the period. Phi angle was in a predominately negative
(toward) orientation throughout the period.

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Solar wind parameters were indicative of the onset of a negative
polarity coronal hole high speed stream (CH HSS). Solar wind speeds
began the period at near 420 km/s. At about 10/1630 UTC, wind speeds
gradually increased to an average of approximately 475 km/s and remained
so through the balance of the period. Total field ranged from about 5 to
10 nT with the Bz component mostly southward ranging from -9 nT to +7
nT. Phi angle was in a predominately negative (towards) orientation
throughout the period.