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Solar wind parameters were at background levels. Solar wind speeds were
steady in the 370-440 km/s range, total field strength values were
steady between 1-4 nT, and Bz reached a maximum southward component of
-4 nT. Phi data was predominately steady in a negative (toward) sector
for the first half of the period and changed to a predominately positive
(away) sector for the remainder of the period.

Buy Phentermine 30 Mg Online Uk

Solar wind parameters were at background levels. Solar wind speed was
steady in the 400-470 km/s range. Total field values varied between 1 -
5 nT and the Bz component briefly reached a maximum southward value of
-4 nT. Phi data was oriented in a negative (toward) sector throughout
the period.

Where Can I Buy Original Phentermine

Solar wind parameters were indicative of a continued nominal solar wind
environment. Solar wind speeds were steady in the 380 – 480 km/s range.
Total field strength values peaked at 6 nT while the Bz component
reached a maximum southward component of -5 nT. The phi angle was
predominately negative (towards) throughout the period with only short
deviations to the positive (away) sector.

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Solar wind parameters were indicative of a nominal solar wind
environment. Solar wind speeds were steady in the 350-450 km/s range
with only short periods of speeds reaching close to 500 km/s. Total
field strength values ranged from 1 – 8 nT while the Bz component
ranged from +8 nT to -5 nT. The phi angle transitioned from a negative
(toward) sector to a positive (away) sector at around 27/1800 UTC but
became variable after about 28/0100 UTC.

Can U Buy Phentermine In Stores

Solar wind parameters continued under the waning influence of the 23 Mar
CME. Solar wind speeds ranged from 355 km/s to 415 km/s through 26/2214
UTC. At 26/2215, a small increase in total field (4 nT to 9 nT) with a
corresponding increase in wind speed to near 430 km/s was observed.
Solar wind speed increased briefly again to 450 km/s at 27/0447 UTC
before decreasing to end-of-period values near 400 km/s. Total field
decreased to near 4 nT by the end of the period with a prolonged period
of southward Bz near -4 nT beginning at 27/0745 UTC. Phi angle began in
a positive (away) sector until 26/1600 UTC when it transitioned into a
mostly negative (towards) sector. By approximately 27/0600 UTC, phi
angle deviated briefly into a positive sector.

Buy Phentermine Canada Online

Solar wind conditions were at nominal levels until a shock arrival was
observed in ACE data at 25/1925 UTC, announcing the arrival of the 23
Mar CME. Solar wind speeds increased from approximately 375 km/s to 500
km/s and the total field was enhanced from +2 nT to a maximum value of
+13 nT. The Bz component turned southward following the arrival with a
maximum southward deflection of -10 nT at 25/1938 UTC, and then became
variable in the +9/-8 nT range. Solar wind speed reached a maximum of
554 km/s at 26/0049 UTC before decreasing to end of period values near
410 km/s. Phi angle varied from positive (away) to negative (towards)
sectors through approximately 26/0510 UTC when it settled into a
positive orientation.

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Solar wind speeds continued to decrease through the period from
approximately 470 km/s to end of period values near 380 km/s. Total
field ranged from 2 nT to 6 nT with the Bz component between +5 nT and
-4 nT. Phi angle was mostly positive (away) until 25/0848 UTC when
brief deviations into a negative (towards) sector occurred.

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Solar wind parameters were indicative of continued weak influence of a
positive polarity coronal hole high speed stream (CH HSS). Solar wind
speeds were steady in the 435-545 km/s range. Total field strength
values ranged from 2 nT – 6 nT while the Bz component ranged from +5 nT
to -4 nT. The phi angle remained steady in a positive (away) sector
throughout the period.

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Solar wind parameters indicated the likely onset of a weak positive
polarity coronal hole high speed stream (CH HSS). Solar wind speed
peaked near 550 km/s but gradually decreased and held steady between 450
km/s – 500 km/s. Total field strength values were steady in
the 4 nT – 10 nT range while the Bz component ranged from +9 nT to -4
nT. The phi angle remained in a mostly positive (away) sector
throughout the period.

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Solar wind speeds, measured by the ACE spacecraft, began the period at
nominal levels. A solar sector boundary change from negative (towards)
to positive (away) was coincident with a rise in temperature and wind
speed beginning just before 0100 UTC. Solar wind speeds gradually
increased from approximately 350 km/s at that time to end of period
speeds around 450 km/s. This is indicative of the early effects of a
geoeffective coronal hole high speed stream (CH HSS). IMF total field
ranged from 2 nT to 10 nT while Bz remained mostly positive but varied
between -5 nt and +9 nT.