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Solar activity was at moderate levels (NOAA Scale R1-Minor) during the
past 24 hours. Region 1890 (S11E17, Ekc/beta-gamma-delta) was
responsible for the largest event of the period, an impulsive M3/1n
flare at 06/1346 UTC with an associated Type II radio sweep (estimated
velocity of 586 km/s). Region 1890 also produced an impulsive M2 flare
at 07/0340 UTC with an associated Type II radio sweep (estimated
velocity of 603 km/s). A region from around the western limb produced an
M1 flare at 07/0002 UTC. An associated coronal mass ejection (CME) was
observed in LASCO/C2 imagery at 07/0000 UTC but is not anticipated to be
geoeffective based on the source location’s position around the western
limb. Region 1889 (S18W37, Dao/beta) was responsible for a C3/Sf flare
at 06/1731 UTC and showed signs of decay. Region 1891 (S18W18,
Dac/beta-gamma) produced a C3/Sf at 07/0211 UTC and showed signs of
growth and increased magnetic complexity. There were no Earth-directed
CMEs detected in satellite imagery during the period.

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Solar activity was at high levels (NOAA Scale R3-Strong) during the past
24 hours. Region 1890 (S11E29, Ekc/beta-gamma-delta) produced the
largest event of the period, an impulsive X3/1n at 05/2212 UTC. The X3
was associated with a 400 sfu Tenflare, a Type II radio sweep (est.
shock speed 1380 km/s) and a Type IV radio sweep. A coronal mass
ejection (CME) associated with the X3 was observed in LASCO/C2 imagery
at 05/2236 UTC. Satellite imagery indicated that the ejecta from this
event appears to be headed away from Earth, however, forecasters will
analyze for potential geoeffective components as additional imagery
becomes available. Region 1890 was also responsible for a C8/Sf at
06/0851 UTC. Coronagraph imagery for this event was not available for
analysis at the time of this report. Region 1890 continued to be the
largest and most magnetically complex region on the disk and warrants
close observation as it migrates across the solar disk.

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Solar activity was moderate for the past 24 hours. Region 1890 (S09E42,
Ehc/beta-gamma-delta) produced the largest event of the period, an
impulsive M2/1f flare at 05/0818 UTC. An associated coronal mass
ejection (CME) was first observed in LASCO/C2 imagery at 05/0824 UTC but
the ejecta appeared to be heading south and is not anticipated to be
Earth-directed. Region 1890 continued to be the largest and most
magnetically complex region on the disk. Region 1884 (S12W46,
Dso/beta-gamma) showed signs of decay but was not a significant flare
contributor. Region 1889 (S18W12, Dao/beta) showed growth and
consolidation in its follower spot group. There were no Earth-directed
CMEs observed in satellite imagery during the period.

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Solar activity was low. Region 1884 (S12W27, Eao/beta-gamma) continues
to decay and only managed to produce a few small C-class flares. Region
1890 (S10E62, Ekc/beta-gamma) is the largest sunspot region currently on
the disk but has not produced significant activity. Region 1887
(N20E09, Dai/beta) exhibited moderate growth during the period but has
not flared.

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Solar activity was high (R2-Moderate). The largest flare of the period
was an M5/2B flare at 03/0522 UTC from Region 1884 (S12W13,
Eko/beta-gamma-delta). Region 1890 (S09E74, Ekc/beta-gamma) continues to
rotate into view and appears to be a large, moderately complex sunspot
group, but so far it has not produced significant flares.

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Solar activity was high. Region 1884 (S13W01, Eki/beta-gamma)
produced an M6/1b flare at 01/1953 UTC, which was the largest event of
the period. Region 1885 (S19W02, Cso/beta) also produced a C8/Sf flare
at 02/0446 UTC. A full halo CME became visible in SOHO C2 images at
about 02/0448 UTC. Preliminary data from other instruments suggest that
this event was back-sided and is not Earth directed.

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Solar activity was at moderate levels. The largest event of the period
was an M1 (R1-Minor) flare at 31/1351 UTC from old Region 1877 (S13,
L=007), which departed the west limb yesterday. Region 1884 (S15E06,
Ekc/beta-gamma-delta) remained the region of greatest interest as it
maintained its delta magnetic configuration, but was fairly inactive
throughout the period. All other active numbered regions on the disk
were unremarkable. Two coronal mass ejections (CMEs) were observed
during the period, but neither appears to be Earth-directed.

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Solar activity was at low levels. No significant flares occurred during
the period and X-ray backgrounds have remained at nominal levels since
the departure of Region 1875 around the west limb yesterday. The largest
events of the period were two C1 flares; one from departed Region 1875
and the other from Region 1884 (S12E20, Ekc/beta-gamma-delta). Nearly
all of the eight active numbered regions on the disk were either stable
or showed signs of decay. Region 1884 remains the region of greatest
interest as it has maintained its delta magnetic configuration. Region
1888 (S15W25, Cro/beta) was numbered over night. No Earth-directed
coronal mass ejections (CMEs) were observed during the period.

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Solar activity has been at high levels for the past 24 hours. The
largest event of the period was an X2 flare at 29/2154 UTC from Region
1875 (N07, L=30, class/area Fkc/790) with associated Types II (est.
speed unavailable) and IV radio emissions. Region 1875 continued to be
the most active region on the disk, responsible for multiple C-class
events, as it crossed the western limb. Region 1882 (S08W01,
Dko/beta-gamma) was responsible for a C2/Sf flare at 29/1210 UTC. Region
1884 (S12E31, EKC/beta-gamma-delta) was the largest and most complex
spot group. Total area of this group grew from approximately 340
millionths to over 560 millionths. New Region 1887 (N20EE54, Bxo/Beta)
was numbered today, though it appears to be a simple and stable spot
group. Analysis of the coronal mass ejection (CME) associated with the
X2 flare indicates nearly all of the ejecta has an almost due west
trajectory and should have no Earth-directed component.

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Solar activity has been at moderate levels for the past 24 hours.
Regions 1875 (N06W82, Ekc/beta-gamma-delta) and 1882 (S09W01,
Dkc/beta-gamma-delta) were the most active regions on the solar disk.
Region 1882 produced the largest flare of the period, an M4/1n, at
28/1515 UTC with an associated Type II radio sweep (estimated velocity
1855 km/s). A coronal mass ejection (CME) from this event appeared in
LASCO/C2 at 28/1536 UTC and appears to have an Earth-directed component.
Region 1875 reached the western limb and will be rotating off the
visible disk today. Although it is now on the limb, analysis shows it
likely still has its beta-gamma-delta magnetic configuration and is
still capable of producing large flares as it rotates behind the limb.