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Solar activity was very low. New Region 1908 (S25E50, Bxo/beta) was
numbered during the period. Region 1907 (S10E11, Dso/beta) was the most
magnetically complex region and showed signs of growth, yet was still
inactive. The other two regions on the visible disk exhibited signs of
decay and remained unremarkable throughout the period. A new area of
flux was observed rotating onto the southeast limb with possibly two new
spot groups associated with this area. This area will be monitored and
the spot groups likely numbered as more reports are collected and it
moves further onto the visible disk. No Earth-directed coronal mass
ejections (CME) were observed during the period.

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Solar activity was at low levels. Most of the low level C-class flaring
observed was associated with frequent surging and brightening from
beyond both limbs. The largest event of the day was a C2 from Region
1904 at 1149 UTC, prior to rotating off the visible disk. Three spotted
regions remain on the disk, all of which were simple magnetically and
remained unremarkable. No Earth-directed coronal mass ejections were

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Solar activity was at low levels. Region 1904 (N12W88, Hax/alpha) was
responsible for multiple low level C-flare activity. Region 1904
appeared to be in decay as it approached the west limb, however due to
limb proximity, it is uncertain as to the magnetic complexity. Region
1903 (S12W25, Hax/alpha) had slight decay in its smaller trailing spots.
Region 1906 (S17E49, Hrx/alpha) was numbered today. The rest of the
spotted regions were relatively stable. No Earth-directed coronal mass
ejections were observed during the period.

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Solar activity was at moderate levels due to an M1 flare at 23/1257 UTC
from Region 1904 (N12W75, Dai/beta-gamma). Region 1904 continued to
produce multiple C-class flares during the period along with Regions
1899 (N07W77, Hhx/alpha) and 1905 (N18E64, Dao/beta-gamma). Slight
growth was observed in the trailing spots of Regions 1904 and 1905. A 4
degree filament eruption was observed in SDO/AIA 193 imagery beginning
at 23/2342 UTC centered near N32E15. A subsequent coronal mass ejection
(CME) was observed in SOHO/LASCO C2 imagery beginning at 24/0125 UTC.
Comparing SOHO/LASCO and STEREO A and B COR2 imagery, it appears that
the majority of the ejecta was directed north of the ecliptic. However,
the CME is currently being modeled to determine geoeffectiveness.

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Solar activity was at low levels (Below R1-Minor radio blackouts) with
several C-class x-ray flares from the east limb. The largest was a C3
from the vicinity of S12E90 at 22/1445 UTC according to data from the
EVE instrument aboard SDO. This event was accompanied by an eruption
seen in SDO/AIA 304 imagery and later in SOHO/LASCO C2 imagery beginning
at 22/1512 UTC. No effects from this event are expected at Earth.
SDO/HMI movie loops show two regions rotating on in the east, one
located near S13E60 and the other located near N17. These are being
monitored and will be numbered

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Solar activity was at low levels due to only low level C-class flare
activity observed. Flux emergence was noted north of Region 1899
(N07W50), however no spots have been identified yet. The other four
numbered spot groups indicated decay and were unremarkable. No
Earth-directed CMEs were observed.

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Solar activity was at moderate (R1 – moderate) levels due to a long
duration M1 X-ray flare from old Region 1893 (S13, L=100). This region
continues to produce C and M class flares, but is well beyond the
western limb and any subsequent coronal mass ejections (CMEs) would be
too far west to impact Earth. Region 1897 (S18W58, Dso/beta-gamma)
produced a C6 flare at approximately 20/1722 UTC. The other spot groups
were unremarkable. No Earth-directed CMEs were observed.

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Solar activity was at low levels. Region 1897 (S18W58, Dso/beta-gamma)
produced the largest flare of the period, a C4 flare, at approximately
20/1129 UTC. As this flare just occurred, it is too early to determine
if there was an associated coronal mass ejection (CME), but analysis
will be accomplished as soon as imagery is available. Region 1893
(S14W82, Dkc/beta-delta) also produced a few low level C-class flares,
including a C2 flare at approximately 19/1801 UTC. This region has
nearly rotated off the visible disk, but a beta-delta magnetic
configuration can be still be discerned in the trailer spots, thus
keeping it the main spot group of interest. All other spot groups were
unremarkable. Several coronal mass ejections (CMEs) were observed in
Lasco C2/C3 imagery and were mainly attributed to several eruptive
prominences on the limb, but none were deemed Earth-directed.

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Solar activity was at high levels. Region 1893 (S13W70, Ekc/beta-delta)
produced an X1/Sf flare, associated type-II radio sweep (est. shock
speed 1049 km/s), and a Tenflare (530 sfu) as it made its way around the
western limb. Based on the location of Region 1893, any coronal mass
ejection (CME) associated with this event is likely to be too far west
to have a significant impact on Earth, but further analysis will be
accomplished once imagery becomes available. Prior to this event,
Regions 1897 (S17W36, Fso/beta-gamma) and 1900 (S21W74, Dsc/beta)
combined with Region 1893 to produced the majority of flares, mostly
C-class, over the period. The remaining active regions were stable and
unremarkable. A back-sided CME was observed on the southeast limb in
Lasco C2 imagery at approximately 19/0424 UTC, but no Earth-directed
CMEs were observed during the period.

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Solar activity was at low levels. Multiple C-class flares were observed
from Regions 1893 (S13W59, Eki/beta-gamma-delta), 1897 (S18W23,
Fac/beta-gamma), and 1900 (S20W62, Dai/beta-gamma). Slight growth was
observed in Regions 1893 and 1900. Slight decay was observed in Region
1897. The rest of the spotted regions were relatively stable or in
decay. No Earth-directed coronal mass ejections were observed during
the period.