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Adipex-P Phentermine Buy

Sighting location: latitude: -44.773 longitude: 168.3387

Submitted by: Aurora



Phentermine No Prescription Cash On Delivery

Sighting location: latitude: -43.1316 longitude: 147.2549

Submitted by: Sisan Styles


the end of a magnificent display

Buy Adipex Malaysia

Sighting location: latitude: -43.0272 longitude: 147.2788

Submitted by: Susan Styles


very active display

Buy Phentermine Reviews

Sighting location: latitude: 58.0619 longitude: -3.9581

Submitted by: Jozsef Szaboki


Scottish Highlands night…

Phentermine 60 Mg

Sighting location: latitude: 60.1733 longitude: 21.6777

Submitted by: Tony | Amazing Auroras



Purchase Real Phentermine Online

Sighting location: latitude: 62.6745 longitude: 29.9065

Submitted by: Teemu


Green active and occasionally bright aurora.

Buy Topamax And Phentermine

Sighting location: latitude: 65.5832 longitude: 21.9466

Submitted by: Oskar


Auroras coverd half the sky, bands of light stretching from east to west with alot of glow and low active bands to the north.

Phentermine Topiramate Purchase

Sighting location: latitude: 60.1624 longitude: 21.6338

Submitted by: Tony | Amazing Auroras



Buy Phentermine Us

Sighting location: latitude: 60.1858 longitude: 21.5799

Submitted by: Tony | Amazing Auroras


Cloudy night, but caught a small show in between clouds.

Buy Adipex P Canada

Sighting location: latitude: 57.3323 longitude: -4.4772

Submitted by: Graham McConville + Allan Crossland


Blurry and no tripod. Our first aurora photographs.