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Sighting location: latitude: -46.5043 longitude: 167.6973

Submitted by: Jan Ormsby


Fantastic viewing at 7.30pm from New River Estuary with the naked eye

Buy Phentermine 30 Mg Online Uk

Sighting location: latitude: -39.072 longitude: 174.118

Submitted by: Paige


Light green lights moving

Where Can I Buy Original Phentermine

Sighting location: latitude: -43.2626 longitude: 147.1595

Submitted by: Scott


I over look Bruny Island, went to check what the dog was barking at and as I walked out side 1.5 hours after the sun had set the were two of what looked like suns setting just behind Bruny Island a few 100 meters apart with all the clouds in the sky glowing red.
my phone could not get a good photo.

Buy Phentermine 35.7

Sighting location: latitude: -46.4335 longitude: 168.4453

Submitted by:


Green slow moving aurora photographed with SLR type camera. Only very faintly visible to eye, for 3 hours from a beach near Invercargill NZ. Kp was about 4 during this time.

Can U Buy Phentermine In Stores

Sighting location: latitude: -43.1305 longitude: 147.2434

Submitted by: Graham Sanders


large bright green clouds

Buy Phentermine Canada Online

Sighting location: latitude: -27.0535 longitude: 151.6582

Submitted by:


Brisbane at 0100

Buy Phentermine Generic

Sighting location: latitude: -43.1315 longitude: 147.2545

Submitted by: ahscotty


My first attempt at photographing an Aurora display.

Buy Topamax And Phentermine

Sighting location: latitude: -44.9603 longitude: 172.5762

Submitted by: Jacquie Borsje


Happening now over Christchurch

Buy Phentermine Over The Counter

Sighting location: latitude: -34.0973 longitude: 151.3448

Submitted by:


bruz these lights are mad

Buy Phentermine Us

Sighting location: latitude: -45.7828 longitude: 168.4435

Submitted by: Renan