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Solar activity was Moderate. Region 2182 (S14W51, Dsc/beta-gamma)
produced all notable solar activity over the period, including three M1
flares (NOAA Scale R1 – minor). One of these events, at 09/0659 UTC, had
a 1 brilliant (1B) optical classification as well. All three events were
fairly impulsive and lacked any associated CME related radio signatures,
so no CMEs are believed to have resulted. However verification of this
will be completed once more imagery becomes available. Region 2182
displays some signs of modest growth and increased in magnetic
complexity, but is by no means an exceptional active spot group at this
time. Region 2186 (S19E54, Cso/beta) exhibited some modest growth as
well while rotating onto the visible disk, but remained inactive. All
other regions were unremarkable. No Earth-directed CMEs were observed.

Solar activity is expected to be low, with a chance for M level flares
(R1-Minor) for the next three days (09-11 Oct), due to Region 2182.

Buy Phentermine 30Mg Uk, Phentermine Purchase Buy