9th August

Solar activity remained at low levels. The largest solar event of the
period was a C4/1n flare from Region 2135 (N12E28, Dho/beta-gamma) at
08/1701 UTC. Region 2135 was also responsible for a C2/Sn flare at
09/0901 UTC flare. The region indicated some overall areal growth.

Region 2132 (S19W53, Esc/beta) produced a pair of C1 flares early in the
period at 08/1258 UTC and 08/1410 UTC. Some decay was observed in the
trailer portion of the region. The remaining three numbered sunspots on
the visible disk were unremarkable.

There were no Earth-directed coronal mass ejections (CMEs) observed in
satellite imagery during the reporting period. However of note, between
08/1555 UTC and 08/1636 UTC, LASCO and STEREO imagery observed a
back-sided, full halo CME associated with strong activity in the
vicinity of old Region 2126 (S09, L=327). This region rotated around the
west limb on 03 August.

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