9 April

Solar activity was low. Region 2031 (N03W58, Cao/beta) produced a
low-level C-class flare as it gradually decayed. The remaining seven
spotted regions were either stable or in a state of gradual decay.
Region 2032 (N12E60, Dao/beta) was split into two regions, with its
eastern-most spot now designated as new Region 2033 (N11E68, Hsx/alpha).
Both regions showed no significant change during the period. A full-halo
coronal mass ejection (CME) was first seen in the LASCO C2 field of view
at approximately 08/2348 UTC. This CME appeared to be associated with a
far-side filament eruption, based upon STEREO EUVI imagery. There were
no Earth-directed CMEs observed during the period.

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