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Solar activity remained at low levels. Region 1995 (S16W82, Cao/beta)
produced a C2 x-ray event at 07/1857 UTC while Region 1991 (S26W54,
Cao/beta) produced a C1/Sf at 08/0544 UTC. Both regions exhibited some
decay during the past 24 hours. New Region 2002 (S19E71, Cao/beta)
produced the largest event of the period, a C3 event at 08/0007 UTC. An
additional C1 x-ray event was observed at 08/1058 UTC from an unnumbered
region beyond the east limb at about S10. Region 1996 (N15W16,
Dai/beta), the largest group on the visible disk, indicated slight decay
and was quiet during the period. The remaining regions were stable. No
Earth-directed CMEs were detected.

Buy Phentermine With Online Prescription, Phentermine Online Doctors