7 December

Solar activity reached moderate levels today as Region 1909 (S17W54,
Dso/beta) produced an M1/1n flare at 07/0729 UTC. The flare had an
associated 220 sfu tenflare and Type II radio sweep (691 km/s). SDO/AIA
193 imagery showed an apparent release of ejecta beginning at
approximately 07/0718 UTC. We are currently waiting on further imagery
for analysis of the associated coronal mass ejection (CME). Slight
growth was observed in Region 1916 (S13W18, Dac/beta-gamma). A new
region that has been fairly active on the southeast limb was numbered
today as Region 1917 (S16E70, Hsx/alpha). The rest of the spotted
regions were either stable or in decay.

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