6th November

Solar activity was at high levels (NOAA Scale R3-Strong) during the past
24 hours. Region 1890 (S11E29, Ekc/beta-gamma-delta) produced the
largest event of the period, an impulsive X3/1n at 05/2212 UTC. The X3
was associated with a 400 sfu Tenflare, a Type II radio sweep (est.
shock speed 1380 km/s) and a Type IV radio sweep. A coronal mass
ejection (CME) associated with the X3 was observed in LASCO/C2 imagery
at 05/2236 UTC. Satellite imagery indicated that the ejecta from this
event appears to be headed away from Earth, however, forecasters will
analyze for potential geoeffective components as additional imagery
becomes available. Region 1890 was also responsible for a C8/Sf at
06/0851 UTC. Coronagraph imagery for this event was not available for
analysis at the time of this report. Region 1890 continued to be the
largest and most magnetically complex region on the disk and warrants
close observation as it migrates across the solar disk.

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