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.24 hr Summary…
Solar activity reached moderate levels during the period. Region 2222
(S20W57, Cki/beta-gamma) produced an M1 flare at 05/1225 UTC. The region
also produced a few low-level C-class flares. As Region 2222 approached
the west limb, it continued to exhibit decay in its intermediate and
trailer spots, but maintained weak magnetic polarity mixing.

New Regions 2229 (S23E28, Bxo/beta) and 2230 (S15E62, Hax/alpha) were
numbered this period. The remaining regions were stable or in decay. No
CMEs were detected over the past 24 hours.

Solar activity is expected to be at low levels with a chance for another
M-class (R1-R2/Minor-Moderate) flare during the period (06-08 Dec),
particularly from Region 2222.

Phentermine Where To Buy In Canada - Phentermine Diet Pills Online Cheap