6th August

Solar activity was low. The largest event of the period was a C2/Sf at
05/2027 UTC from Region 2132 (S20W14, Eac/beta). The C1/Sf flare which
occurred at 05/1543 UTC and had an associated Type II (1339 km/s)/Type
IV radio sweeps, is believed to be from an area void of spots, just east
of Region 2134 (N09E21, Cai/beta). Analysis indicated that no CME is
expected along the Sun-Earth line from this event. All other spot
groups were largely inactive and unremarkable. A second CME was clearly
visible in LASCO C2/C3 and was observed leaving the Sun just after
06/0000 UTC off to the West. This event was also visible in NASA STEREO
Ahead/Behind COR2 images. Analysis suggests that the source of this CME
was from around West limb of the solar disk, from an Earth perspective.
As a result, no CMEs are anticipated to affect Earth at this time.

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