6 January

Solar activity was at low levels, however an eruptive prominence on the
west limb, visible in GOES 15/SXI imagery at 06/0744 UTC and reported by
ground-based observatories at 06/0755 UTC, signaled an energetic
particle event described below. The flare which produced the event was
visible in STEREO-A EUVI/195 imagery at 06/0755 UTC. It appears to have
originated from Old Region 1936 (S15, L=225) which rotated off the
visible disk on 04 Jan. Type II (1383 km/s) and IV radio emissions were
reported at 06/0745 UTC and 06/0653 UTC respectively. SOHO/LASCO
coronagraph imagery is just beginning to arrive and shows an asymmetric
halo CME at 06/1006 UTC. Given its origin, it is not expected to be

Region 1944 (S09E17, Fkc/beta-gamma-delta) produced only C-class flares.
The largest flare observed was a C7/1F event at 06/0019 UTC. Region 1944
continued its evolution with intermediate spot consolidation and rapid
trailer spot development including a trailer spot delta magnetic
configuration. Region 1937 (S13W77, Dai/beta-gamma) continued to grow as
well with intermediate and trailer spot penumbral growth. Region 1946
(N09E21, Dac/beta) grew rapidly and developed many intermediate spots.
New regions 1947 (N11W76, Cro/beta) and 1948 (N06E54, Hax/alpha) were
numbered. The remaining regions were generally stable or decaying.

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