6 December

Solar activity was at low levels for the past 24 hours. Region 1909
(S17W42, Esc/beta) exhibited slight decay in its intermediate spots, yet
increased magnetic complexity and was the most active numbered region on
the visible disk. During the period, this region produced the largest
solar event, a C6 flare, at 05/1743 UTC as well as a C2 flare at 06/0648
UTC. Regions 1915 (S30W42, Dao/beta-gamma) and 1916 (S13W02,
Dao/beta-gamma) showed signs of increased magnetic complexity as well as
an increase in overall size and number of spots. An area of enhanced
plage rotated around the southeast limb and was responsible for
additional C-flare activity, including a C5 flare at 05/1459 UTC. This
flare producing, unnumbered region had yet to show spots on the visible
disk. At approximately 05/2100 UTC, ejecta can be seen on SDO/AIA 304
imagery erupting near S15W35, just north of Region 1909. Analysis will
be accomplished as imagery becomes available to determine if the
associated coronal mass ejection (CME) has an Earthward component and
its potential impacts, if any.

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