5th September

Solar activity remained at low levels. Region 2157 (S13E61,
Dai/beta) produced the largest flare of the period, a C6/1n flare at
05/0616 UTC, as well as several other C-class flares throughout the
period. This region exhibited slight growth as it continued to rotate
onto the visible disk. Region 2152 (S15W45, Eko/beta-gamma) also
produced a C6 flare early in the period, but was fairly inactive the
rest of the day. Region 2152 exhibited some consolidation in its trailer
spots, but remained fairly stable overall. The remaining five spot
groups were either stable or exhibited signs of decay.

A narrow coronal mass ejection (CME) was observed in Lasco C3 imagery
departing the east limb at 05/0806 UTC. This CME is likely associated
with the C6/1n flare from Region 2157. Analysis indicated a velocity of
near 700 km/s, however the trajectory is too far east to have any
impacts on Earth.

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