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Solar activity returned to moderate levels as Region 1991 (S24W19,
Eac/beta-gamma-delta) produced another M1 flare at 05/0210 UTC, as well
as several C-class flares. This region exhibited signs of weakening and
slight decay in its intermediate spots, yet maintained its delta
magnetic configuration. A region just beyond the western limb was
responsible for the majority of the remaining C-class flares during the
period. Region 1998 (S10E72, Hax/alpha) was numbered today as it rotated
onto the east limb. The remaining eight numbered spot groups were either
stable or exhibited signs of decay.

The asymmetric full halo CME that was first observed in Lasco C2 imagery
at 04/1848 UTC had no obvious front-sided source and the limited STEREO
data that became available indicated it was likely a back-sided event.
Of the remaining four CMEs visible in Lasco imagery, only one appeared
to have a front-sided source. A filament eruption just east of Region
1996 (N14E22, Cao/beta) produced a CME with most of the ejecta appearing
to have a mostly eastward trajectory. However, an Enlil run has been
submitted to determine if there is any Earth-directed component, as well
as any potential impacts to Earth.

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