5 January

Solar activity remained at moderate levels. Region 1944 (S08E32,
Fkc/beta-gamma-delta) produced a few M-class (R1-minor) events during
the period. The largest of these events was a long duration, M4 x-ray
event observed at 04/1946 UTC. Associated with this event were Type IV
and 10cm (550 sfu) radio emissions. As observed on GONG, GOES-15 SXI and
SDO imagery, the bulk of the bright flare material originated from the
extreme western edge of the large leader spot and extended in a westward
direction out ahead of Region 1944. At 04/2148 UTC, SOHO/LASCO C2
imagery showed an asymmetric, full halo CME. Analysis suggested the CME
may have an Earth-directed component and was moving around 800-1000
km/s. Region 1944 developed a weak delta magnetic configuration and
showed intermediate spot consolidation and trailer spot penumbral

Region 1936 (S15, L=232) produced a long duration M1 x-ray event
observed off the west limb at 04/2252 UTC. Associated with this event
was a Type IV radio sweep. Region 1937 (S13W65, Dac/beta-gamma-delta)
continued to grow, particularly in the intermediate-trailer portions of
the region. New Region 1946 (N09E28, Dai/beta) emerged on the disk as a
simple bi-polar group and quickly grew. The remaining regions were quiet
and stable.

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