4th September

Solar activity reached moderate levels. Region 2155 (S20E65, Hax/alpha)
produced an M2/Sf flare at 03/1354 UTC. Analysis indicated the
associated coronal mass ejection (CME) was moving at 550 km/s, but did
not appear to be Earth-directed. Old Region 2149 (N09, L=283) remained
active as it continues to transit behind the west limb. This region was
responsible for a C5 flare at 03/2124 UTC, as well as a C2 flare at
04/0228 UTC. Initial indications suggest the bulk of the CME is directed
too far west to be a threat.

Region 2152 (S16W31, Eki/beta-gamma) exhibited some consolidation in its
leader spots. Region 2153 displayed consolidation in its trailer spots
and was predominantly inactive through out the period. Regions 2156
(N15E63, Bxo/beta) and 2157 (S13E75, Hax/alpha) were numbered during the

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