4th August

Solar activity was low. The largest solar event of the period was a
parting shot, C3 flare at 04/0053 UTC from Region 2126 (S09, L=327)
which has rotated around the western limb. An associated coronal mass
ejection (CME) was first observed in LASCO/C2 imagery at 04/0148 UTC but
due to the location of Region 2126 an Earth-directed component is not
anticipated. Regions 2130 (S07W05, Fac/beta-gamma-delta), 2133 (N18E39,
Hrx/alpha), and 2134 (N09E48, Dso/beta) all produced low level C-class
flares during the reporting period. Region 2132 (S20E11,
Eai/beta-gamma-delta)showed indications of a weak delta and was
categorized with increased magnetic complexity. There were several faint
CMEs observed in satellite imagery, primarily from around the west limb,
but none are anticipated to impact Earth.

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