4 March

Solar activity was at moderate levels due to an M1/Sn flare at
03/1554 UTC from Region 1989 (N07W49). Following initial growth in the
early part of the period, this region exhibited signs of decay in the
latter part of the period. Region 1991 (S24W07, Eki/beta-gamma-delta)
displayed signs of separation between the leader and trailer spots with
decay in the intermediate spots. A new delta magnetic configuration
developed in the southwestern portion of the trailer spot area of this
region. This spot group produced a couple of C-class flares during the
period, including a C8/1f flare at 04/0455 UTC. Region 1994 (S06W68,
Hsx/alpha) also produced a C5 flare at 04/0704 UTC. A region just beyond
the western limb was responsible for multiple C-class flares, including
a C7 flare near the end of the period at 04/1124 UTC. The other numbered
spot groups were either stable or exhibited signs of decay.

Initial analysis of limited Lasco C2 and STEREO B data indicated at
least one of the C-class flares from Regions 1991 and 1994 had an
associated coronal mass ejection (CME), but data gaps are preventing a
thorough analysis. Further analysis will be accomplished as data becomes
available to determine if any associated CME has an Earth-directed

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