4 March

Solar wind parameters were at background conditions for most of the
period. Solar wind speeds began the period averaging near 340 km/s,
total field strength values were steady between 1 nT and 5 nT, and the
Bz component varied between -2 nT and +1 nT. At approximately 03/2100
UTC, a solar sector boundary crossing (SSBC) occurred as the Phi angle
went from a negative (toward) orientation to a positive (away)
orientation. Simultaneously, IMF Bt began to increase, reaching a max of
almost 7 nT, while IMF Bz turned southward, seeing a maximum deflection
of almost -4 nT. Solar winds initially decreased slightly, then bounced
back and held fairly steady near 340 km/s. Following a six hour period
back in positive territory, IMF Bz again deflected sharply southward at
approximately 04/0730 UTC, seeing a maximum deflection of -5 nT, with
solar winds picking back up after 04/0830 UTC to average near 370 km/s.

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