4 January

Solar activity was at moderate levels. Region 1944 (S09E45,
Fkc/beta-gamma) produced three M flares, the largest an M1/2n at 04/1025
UTC. This region continued to grow and remained complex. Region 1936
(S15W83) decayed to an Hax/alpha type group as it began to rotate off
the west limb. Region 1937 (S11W53, Dac/beta-gamma-delta) re-developed
into a complex, D-type group and produced a C4/Sf event at 03/1835 UTC.
The remaining regions exhibited little change. A filament eruption was
visible in H-alpha movie loops at 03/1639 UTC from the southeast
quadrant, but subsequent STEREO-B coronagraph imagery showed the bulk of
the ejecta directed well south of the ecliptic. Another small eruption
was observed in the southeast near the end of the period but remains to
be observed in coronagraph imagery.

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