3rd October

Solar activity was high. Region 2173 (now around the west limb) produced
the largest event of the period, an M7/1f (R2-Moderate) at 02/1901 UTC.
Region 2172 (S08W89, Axx/alpha) produced a sympathetic M1/Sf (R1-Minor)
just prior to that event at 02/1744 UTC. The M7 flare had an associated
two Type II radio sweep (est. speeds 713 km/s) and a Type IV radio
sweep. Initial imagery indicated that the bulk of the material ejected
well south and west of the ecliptic. After further analysis was
completed a Earth-directed CME has been ruled out. A similar event
occurred again later in the period from a C9/Sf flare with another limb
event CME with a trajectory off to the SW and away from Earth. This
event also appears to have come from Region 2173. All other regions on
the disk were either stable or in decay.

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