31 March

Solar activity reached moderate levels due to an M1 flare (R1-Minor)
from Region 2014 (S13W84, Cao/beta) at 31/0807 UTC. A Type IV radio
sweep was associated with the event but no imagery was available to
determine CME activity at the time of this report. Further analysis will
be completed as imagery comes in. The region produced the event just as
it is about to rotate around the west limb.

Region 2017 (N10W57, Dai/beta-gamma) produced a C7 flare at 30/2115 UTC.
The region continued to decay and didn’t produce any other flare
activity for the rest of the period. Region 2021 (S14E17,
Dai/beta-gamma) exhibited moderate growth but remained quiet during the
period. Region 2026 (S12E72, Dai/beta) produced several low level
C-class events as it rotated further onto the visible disk. Region 2027
(N12E82, Hsx/alpha) was numbered overnight. The other regions on the
disk were relatively stable.

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