31 December

ACE data indicated nominal solar wind conditions through most of the
period, with a gradual increase in activity towards the end. Wind speed
began the period just under 310 km/s with a gradual increase noted just
after 30/1400 UTC, peaking at 407 km/s. Conditions settled back down
into the lower 300 km/s range by 30/1500 UTC, but began a gradual
increase throughout the remainder of the period, ending just under 400
km/s. IMF Bt was fairly consistent near 4 nT to 6 nT through 31/0700 UTC
when it dropped slightly to 3 nT to 5 nT. IMF Bz ranged between 4 to -5
nT throughout the period. IMF Phi data indicated a positive-polarity
(Away) solar sector until 31/0739 UTC, when it switched to a
predominantly negative (Towards) orientation.

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