30 March

Solar activity reached high levels due to an impulsive X1/2b flare at
29/1748 UTC from Region 2017 (N10W42, Dac/beta-gamma-delta). In
addition, a Type-II radio sweep with an estimated speed of 4,508 km/s, a
complex Castelli-U radio burst signature with a notable burst of 110,000
sfu on 245 MHz, and a Tenflare of 360 sfu were observed during this
event. The region also produced an M1 flare at approximately 30/1155
UTC. Some preliminary reports of Type II radio sweeps are in but not
finalized as of the time of this report. Region 2017 continued to evolve
this period and maintained its beta-gamma-delta magnetic configuration.

Region 2021 (S15E29, Dao/beta-gamma) exhibited consolidation in both the
leader and trailer spot areas this period while Region 2014 (S13W71,
Cso/beta-gamma) continued a minor decay trend as it makes its way to the
west limb. New Region 2025 (S24W13, Dro/beta) emerged on the disk and
was numbered overnight.

WSA-Enlil model run suggests the majority of the ejecta from the CME
associated with the X1 flare will go north, however a small portion of
the CME is expected to be geoeffective and arrive early on 02 Apr.

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