30 December

Solar activity remained at low levels. Region 1936 (S17W15,
Eai/beta-gamma), the largest on the visible disk, exhibited
consolidation in the leader and trailer spots with an overall increase
in area and spot count. It was responsible for the bulk of the flare
activity, including the largest flare, a C5 at 29/1930. Region 1934
(S18W60, Eac/beta-gamma-delta) remained the most magnetically complex
region but was quiet during the period producing only weak B-class
activity. Consolidation was observed in the intermediate and trailer
spots. New Region 1939 (S06W69, Bxo/beta) emerged on the disk as a
simple bi-polar spot group. The remaining regions were quiet and stable.
Flux emergence was noted east and north of Region 1936 and is being

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