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Solar activity was at low levels. Region 2152 (S16W05,
Eac/beta-gamma)produced a C2/Sf flare at 02/0059 UTC, the largest flare
of the period, as well as other low level C-class flares. This region
continued to grow, primarily in its intermediate spot area. Region 2153
(S10W31, Dao/beta) also grew significantly during the period, mainly in
its leader spot area. The remaining spot groups were stable and appeared
to be fairly stable.

A Type II radio sweep (estimated velocity 1,094 km/s) was observed at
01/2211 UTC along with a Type IV sweep associated with an eruption off
the east limb. No flare accompanied the event and the resulting CME
appears to be headed well east of the Sun-Earth line. Two additional
CMEs were observed in Lasco C2 imagery departing the east limb. The
first became visible at 01/2224 UTC, with the second one first showing
at 02/0236 UTC. Both appear to have an eastward trajectory, resulting in
likely non-Earth directed CMEs. There was also a faint, partial halo CME
that became visible in the Lasco C2 imagery at approximately 01/2136
UTC. This CME had a mostly northwesterly trajectory, but will be modeled
as soon as imagery is available.

The other notable feature on the visible disk was a nearly 38 degree
long filament, centered near N19W10, that appeared to be beginning to
lift off from the corona. At the time of this discussion, it had not
erupted nor lifted off, but will be monitored closely.

Axcion Phentermine Online - Buy Phentermine Tablets Online