29th September

Solar activity was at moderate levels (R1-minor) due to an M1/Sf flare
observed at 28/1733 UTC from Region 2173 (S16W46, Dac/beta-gamma)
accompanied by weak multi-spectral radio emissions. This region remained
little changed over the past 24 hours. Region 2176 (N08W07, Bxo/beta)
redeveloped from plage and produced a C2/Sf flare at 29/0351 UTC. In the
NE quadrant, Region 2177 (N11E37, Eac/beta-gamma) produced a C5/Sf at
29/0554 UTC and indicated intermediate spot development and overall

Additional region analysis indicated an overall increase in area in
Region 2172 (S12W37, Fhc/beta-gamma) and remained the largest region on
the disk at 630 millionths. Region 2175 (N17W58, Dkc/beta-gamma-delta),
at 500 millionths, exhibited trailer spot consolidation and an overall
increase in area. Both of these regions remained relatively quiet. The
remaining three spotted regions were quiet and showed no change.

No Earth-directed CMEs were detected during the period.

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