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Tonight’s estimated aurora level:

Level 3 – Medium

Auroral activity will be at medium levels. Weather permitting, aurora displays will be visible overhead or on the horizon in Mosjøen (Norway), Oulu (Finland), Luleå (Sweden) and Reykjavík (Iceland).

Last night, yet another G1 predicted event went missing, it did eventually turn up this morning, but so far has been weaker than anticipated and barely reached Kp3, but at least it moved us off Kp0! Not sure quite why NOAA SWPC and NASA are getting these so wrong recently. But hey ho. We will keep reporting in case they get one right. Tonight could be a mixed bag, because there have been so many CME’s and flares recently, we could be hit with one quite late, one quite early, or by one not even forecasted. But I don’t think we will see more than Kp3 tonight, the way things have been going lately.

Buy Phentermine In Canada, Phentermine 50 Rx