29th October

Solar activity was at moderate levels during the period. Region 2192
(S12W78, Fkc/beta-gamma-delta) produced three M-class (R1-minor) flares
during the period, including an M1/Sf at 28/1406 UTC, an M1/Sf at
29/0820 UTC, and an M1 at 29/1001 UTC. As with the vast majority of the
previous flare activity, no significant radio signatures were noted, and
none of the events appeared to produce significant Earth-directed

Due to Region 2192′s location, just rotating off the visible disk,
accurate areal coverage and magnetic structure are difficult to
determine. However, based on the imagery available as it transits the
limb, it looked to be mostly unchanged and still very capable of
producing M- (R1/R2- Minor-Moderate) and X- (R3-Strong) class flares.

Regions 2197 (S13E08, Dso/beta) and 2198 (S13W25, Dso/beta) both
exhibited signs of growth, while the other regions on the visible disk
were either stable or in decay.

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