28 February

Solar activity was at moderate levels. Region 1991 (S25E44,
Eko/beta-gamma) produced an M1/Sn flare at 28/0048 UTC which was the
largest event of the period. Region 1982 (S11W70, Eac/beta-gamma)
produced a C8/2f flare at 28/1006 UTC. Regions 1991 and 1982 both
exhibited a minor growth trend this period while Region 1990 (S14E30,
Dkc/beta-delta), currently the most magnetically complex region on the
disk, was stable. The other regions on the visible disk were either
stable or undergoing minor development. New Regions 1994 (S06W09,
Dri/beta) and 1995 (S18E25, Cao/beta) were numbered this period. No
Earth-directed coronal mass ejections (CMEs) were observed.

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