27 March

Solar wind parameters continued under the waning influence of the 23 Mar
CME. Solar wind speeds ranged from 355 km/s to 415 km/s through 26/2214
UTC. At 26/2215, a small increase in total field (4 nT to 9 nT) with a
corresponding increase in wind speed to near 430 km/s was observed.
Solar wind speed increased briefly again to 450 km/s at 27/0447 UTC
before decreasing to end-of-period values near 400 km/s. Total field
decreased to near 4 nT by the end of the period with a prolonged period
of southward Bz near -4 nT beginning at 27/0745 UTC. Phi angle began in
a positive (away) sector until 26/1600 UTC when it transitioned into a
mostly negative (towards) sector. By approximately 27/0600 UTC, phi
angle deviated briefly into a positive sector.

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