27 December

ACE data indicated nominal solar wind conditions. Solar wind speed began
the period near 270 km/s, dipped to as low as 243 km/s before beginning
a steady climb to peak at 325 km/s at 27/0820 UTC. Speeds became
sporadic near the end of the period, but ended the summary period where
it began, at 270 km/s. IMF total field exhibited a steady climb from 2
nT at the beginning of the period to 7 nT at the end. The Bz component
began the period with a maximum southward deflection near -2 nT, but
also exhibited a steady increase and ended the period also at
approximately 7 nT. IMF Phi data indicated a positive-polarity (away)
sector until approximately 26/1800 UTC, then shifted to a
negative-polarity (toward) sector for the rest of the period.

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