26 December

Solar activity was low. Regions 1931, (S16W22, Hax/alpha), 1934 (S15E07,
Eao/beta-gamma), 1936 (S16E36, Eai/beta-gamma), and old Region 1928
(S14, L=008) all produced isolated low-level C-class flares.
Region 1931 produced the largest of these flares, a C2/Sf, at 26/0702
UTC. This region exhibited minor development in the leader spots while
decreasing in areal coverage. Region 1936 displayed growth in the
trailer spots and more than doubled in areal coverage to 110 millionths.
This region also retained a beta-gamma magnetic structure with weak
mixed-polarity fields in the vicinity of its trailer spots, along with
minor spot decay noted in its intermediate portion. The remaining four
spot groups were unremarkable. New Region 1937 (S12E65, Cso/beta) was
numbered over night as it rotated into view. A full halo coronal mass
ejection (CME) was observed in STEREO B imagery at 26/0410 UTC. This
CME was attributed to a back-sided event with no impact to Earth
expected. There were no Earth-directed CMEs detected during the period.

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