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Tonight’s estimated aurora level:

Level 4 – High (with chance of G1 storm levels)

Auroral activity will be at high levels. Weather permitting, aurora displays will be visible overhead or on the horizon in Trondheim (Norway), Vaasa (Finland), Sundsvall (Sweden) and Faeroe Islands.

CME’s that were due to arrive around midnight last night are late. It is probably a good thing for European aurora watchers as now the CME’s are expected to arrive this evening when the auroral oval will be in a more favourable position. Although they can arrive any moment really, computer models predicting their arrival are not right too often. The prediction is still that they could spark G1 storms, but until they arrive we just don’t know. 3 cme’s arriving at the same time is pretty rare.

Phentermine Buy Canada, Phentermine Mexico Online