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Solar activity was low. Region 1928 (S16, L=08) did not rotate off the
visible disk quietly. It was responsible for several low level C-class
flares as well as the largest flare of the period, a C4 flare, that
occurred at 25/0639 UTC. Region 1936 (S17E48, Eai/beta-gamma) also
produced low-level B- and C-class flares throughout the period. Regions
1934 (S14E07, Eai/beta-gamma) and 1936 both contained a beta-gamma
magnetic configuration, exhibited growth in overall length, and will be
the spot groups of interest in the following days. The remaining spot
groups were either stable or showed signs of slight decay. No new
regions were numbered and there were no Earth-directed coronal mass
ejections observed during the period.

Buy Phentermine Melbourne - Real Phentermine Online 2012