24th October

Solar activity was at low to moderate levels this period. Region 2192
(S12W14, Fkc/beta-gamma-delta) produced an impulsive M4-flare at 24/0748
UTC as well as multiple mid-level C-class flares throughout the period.
Region 2192 persists as the largest and most productive region on the
visible disk although a minor decay trend was observed as separation
between the leader and follower spot areas increased slightly this
period. New Regions 2196 (S04E72, Axx/alpha) and 2197 (S12E69,
Axx/alpha) were numbered this period but were otherwise unremarkable.
The other regions on the visible disk were either stable or in decay.

M-class (R1-R2 (Minor-Moderate)) flare activity is expected with a
chance for X-class (R3 or greater) over the next three days (24-26 Oct)
with Region 2192 being the likely source or further activity.

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