24th October

Solar activity was high. The largest flare of the period came from Region 1877 (S12E04, Dkc/beta-gamma-delta). An impulsive M9/1n (R2 – Moderate on the NOAA Scale) erupted at approximately 24/0030 UTC and was associated with Types II (est. speed 1321 km/s) and IV radio emissions. This region increased in area and maintained a delta in its intermediate spots. Region 1875 (N08W16, Ekc/beta-gamma-delta) continued to be the most active region, producing multiple C-class flares as well as several impulsive M-class (R1 – Minor on the NOAA Scale) flares during the period. These included an M2 at 23/2053 UTC, an M1 at 23/2343 UTC, an M3 at 24/0016 UTC, another M2 at 24/1009 UTC, and another M3 at 24/1033 UTC. This region maintained a beta-gamma-delta magnetic configuration, mainly in the intermediate spots. Yet another faint full-halo CME, associated with the M9/1n flare at 24/0030 UTC, was observed in Lasco C2 imagery at approximately 24/0148 UTC. Analysis is in progress to determine the possible impacts at Earth.

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