24th November

Solar activity was at low levels. Regions 2209 (S15W63,
Fko/beta-gamma-delta), 2216 (S14E20, Dkc/beta-gamma), and 2217
(S19E60,Cko/beta) continued to produce low-level C-class flaring. The
largest event of the period was a long duration C4 flare at 24/1104 UTC
from Region 2217. In addition to the C4 flare, Region 2217 also produced
a C3 flare at 23/1053 UTC and two C2 flares at 23/1846 UTC and 23/1941
UTC, respectively.

Region 2209 displayed slight decay in its intermediate spots, and only
produced a single C2/Sf flare during the period. Region 2216 had slight
separation between its leader and intermediate spots, had slight growth
in overall areal coverage, but exhibited magnetic simplification, losing
its delta configuration. Spot development was observed in the
intermediate and trailer areas of Region 2217 as it rotated further onto
the visible disk. New Region 2218 (N14E57, Cso/beta) rotated on to the
visible disk and was numbered during the period. An eruptive filament
located just South of Region 2209 was first observed in SDO/AIA 304
imagery at approximately 24/0709 UTC. Lack of LASCO coronagraph imagery
is preventing analysis at this time, but a comprehensive analysis will
be conducted as imagery fills in.

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