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Solar activity returned to low levels over the past 24 hours. The
largest event of the period, a C8/Sf flare, was produced by Region 1936
(S15E60, Cao/beta) as it rotated on to the visible disk. Region 1928
(S16W76, Dai/beta-gamma) was the most active region, producing several
C-class flares throughout the period, but showed signs of decay as it
neared the west limb. All of the other spot groups were either stable or
exhibited signs of decay. An eruptive prominence on the eastern limb was
observed in SDO/AIA 304 imagery from approximately 24/0943 UTC to
24/1015 UTC. Initial analysis indicates the associated coronal mass
ejection (CME) has a southward trajectory and should not have an impact
on Earth. There were no Earth-directed CMEs detected during the period.

Compare Price Phentermine Online, Order Phentermine Uk