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Solar activity was at low levels. There were three numbered regions on
the visible disk, each contributing to the overall flare count. Region
2209 (S13W51, Fko/beta-gamma-delta) displayed minor growth in its
intermediate spots, just south of the main leader, and maintained its
delta configuration in the large trailer. It produced three C-class
flares, including a C3 flare at 22/1713 UTC, one of largest events of
the period. Region 2216 (S15E34, Dkc/beta-gamma-delta) developed a weak
delta configuration in its northern most intermediate spots, while
continuing to exhibit slight separation overall, yet only managed to
produce a single C2 flare at 22/1441 UTC. New Region 2217 (S20E73,
Hax/alpha) rotated onto the visible disk with only one large spot
visible, appearing as an H-type group. This region produced three
C-class flares as well, including a C3 flare at 23/1053 UTC, also one of
largest events of the period. No Earth-directed coronal mass ejections
were observed.

Moderate levels (R1-R2/Minor-Moderate) are likely, with a chance for an
X-class flare (R3/Strong or greater) during the period (23-25 Nov).
Regions 2209 and 2216 continue to be the most likely sources for
significant flare production.

Phentermine Canada Buy - Buy Phentermine Sacramento