23 January

Solar activity was low. The only notable solar event during the past 24
hours was a C1/Sf flare from Region 1955 (S13W24, Cao/beta) at 22/1905
UTC. This region displayed signs of overall consolidation and decay.
Region 1957 (N11W26, Dai/beta-gamma) exhibited signs of growth in its
trailer spots as well as consolidation in its intermediate spots.
Despite still having mixed polarities in the intermediate spots, this
region remained fairly inactive throughout the period. Region 1959
(S23E13, Eao/beta-gamma) also had mixed polarities in its intermediate
spots, but only produced very low-level B-class flares. All six of the
remaining numbered sunspot regions exhibited either slight decay or
remained stable. There were no Earth-directed coronal mass ejections
(CMEs) detected in satellite imagery for the period.

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